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The islands offer an eclectic blend of local and international events, exhibitions and more.

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We offer ample facilities within the hotel for families and couples of all ages. Thanks to our seafront and central location there is also a wide range of facilities in the immediate vicinity. The Qawra location is one of the most popular areas for tourists visiting Malta

Qawra Hotels Malta

MALTA HOTEL - The Qawra Palace Hotel Malta is a friendly and family run hotel situated on the Qawra seafront and promenade.

Cross the threshold to the elegant décor with our efficient and gracious staff offering their services to our most pleasant guests. The hotel with its reputation of being the most admired in the area due to its location, the beautiful waters of its crystal clear pool, the relaxing outdoor coffee shop overlooking the wide promenade and the picturesque view of the sea.
Feast your eyes on the exquisite buffet style restaurant and taste the appetizing food on display. Join our daily entertainment with many of Malta’s most popular musicians, singers & dancers. Venture the outdoors with the water sports facilities, have the time of your life, make new friends, try the local cuisine, feast your senses on the smell of the sea as its waves ripple the shore and relax under the golden sun of this isle known as the gem in the Mediterranean.

Qawra Palace Hotel - Your Malta Hotel on the Malta seafront. 

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The Qawra Palace Hotel
Qawra Sea Front

Tel: 21 580660/1, 580131/2
Fax: 21 580662 


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